Dream distractions…what’s holding you back?

fear failure

In the last two articles we have been talking about how we need to have a plan for our life and how we need to visualize that in as much detail as you can. Many of the things we need to do require us to take action and begin to make things happen! We may need different kinds of resources some financial or human. If you haven’t read previous articles you may benefit from doing so.

The sad thing is many times you have dreams and goals for your life and may have even written them down or thought about them but never even taken one step towards making them to happen. Why is that? Why do you constantly think of something but never go about doing anything about it. Your dream will normally haunt you but still day after day or even year after year you never begin to make it happen.

I have come to realize from myself and talking to other people that they are some critical things that prevent us from achieving many things in life.Let’s look at them and crash them.

  • Fear. The what if question. What If I fail? What if I open a shop and no customers come? What if I take that job and the business closes? What if I am not good enough. Many times, the main thought preventing most of us from attaining our dreams is the fear of failure. Believe me if you don’t get over it, you will be paralyzed for years and never do anything and sadly live with regret. What if you do this big thing and what if you’re successful? What an achievement it would be. I always remember some of the successful businessmen of our time constantly say people only see their success, but they don’t know how many failed ideas and businesses they had before. We need to learn to embrace our fears as the chances of successes are many times even greater. One thing I learnt, even when I feel so afraid, if I don’t trust myself, I at least trust God and his plan for me. That’s always at the back of my mind when the person is the mirror is telling me I can’t do it.
  • The comfort zone. Its so easy to not want to be bothered, to not want to do the work. We want the success, but we don’t want the hustle. We are used to things coming easy. If you seek the easy way out then you may live thinking life dealt you a bad card, but the truth is you just don’t want to do the work. So, my challenge for you is get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself, set goals and do the work. Save some money, network, start that project. If you won’t do to it for you then do it for your family or those close to you who would benefit from your action.
  • Naysayers. Sometimes we have friends and family who tell us we can’t make it. They don’t believe in our dreams. They discourage us and tell us stories of so many people who had similar dreams and failed. These are what I call Naysayers or pessimists. They discourage us and bring us to a point when we begin to fear and stop believing in ourselves. Yes, they may have had experiences and not been successful but all we need are their lessons not their discouragement. Don’t let them freeze your dreams. Politely thank them for the information and respond with a polite, “let me try”. Believe me they will look back when you are successful and be the same people who are proud to be associated with you. Let the Naysayers be. Instead also find people who believe in you, encourage you and challenge you to do great things. These are the people who will build you and make you think the impossible is possible and surely it will be. Look for mentors, role models or people who might have already done the things you want to do.
  • Procrastination and maybe its closely linked to analysis paralysis. The tendency to say I will start tomorrow. I will start working on this project tomorrow. I will start the diet tomorrow. I will buy land one day. Why not today? Many of us tend to put off things, thinking tomorrow would be a better time to start. Days go by, years go by and we are still planning to start tomorrow. My friend stop putting things off. Tomorrow may be no better than today. Stop over analyzing things and getting paralyzed to decide. Time is not on your side this time. Those who planted trees ten years ago are reaping. The best time to plant trees was ten years ago. The next best time is now. So, let us take a few steps today.
  •  I don’t have enough money. Yes, money is important, but I have come to realize if you believe in your dream money can be mobilized. Money comes to those who are convicted. It doesn’t come to those sitting at home waiting for it. Just start and you will get knowledge on how to get the money or people willing to contribute to your ideas.
  • Pride. Pride comes before a fall. Yes, sometimes we are so proud to do things that we regard as being below our level. It’s unfortunate that sometimes because of our up bringing or our association we are too proud to take the steps towards achieving our dreams. You don’t have a job but find it degrading to ask someone to read your CV or to give you a job opportunity. You have a car and no money, but you think its beneath you to drive an Uber. So you suffer in silence. Adjust your life and be ready to do even what we think are demeaning jobs just to keep afloat (note I am talking about clean and legit work). Just do it! In the end we will emerge successful.
  • Keeping up with the Jones. Don’t spend all your energy and resources trying to catch up with the competition at the cost of losing focus on your dreams. Just stay focused on your goals. If the competition motivates you to work hard, that’s fine, but if they instead make you spend time and money pretending to be who you are not, then forget them. Your time is coming. Don’t get me wrong, we need to enjoy life but at the same time we need to also think long term beyond today.
  • No sense of prioritization. Sometimes we can be completely distracted by trying to do so many things at once and instead we seem to be moving in circles. Yes, even if you are a very focused person if you don’t prioritize your life you may end up achieving a little of everything instead of your big goals. So, focus and do one thing well at a time. So those are my top eight dream distractors. However, the most common thing in these distractions is YOU. It is you who fears, you procrastinate, you listen to negative people, you are too laid back, you’re busy keeping up appearances, you’re not saving money but even worse you have no sense of prioritization.

We seem to be our greatest enemy but luckily we have the power to change your destiny. We need to believe in ourselves and confidently pursue our dreams without fear.

“Where will your strength come from?” Your strength will come from your belief in yourself and the one who made you. You were not a mistake. You have all the gifts and talents you need to accomplish your goal and your higher purpose in life. So, lets believe in ourselves. Give a blind ear to the self-doubt. When you look in the mirror see your greatness and possibility. Do not be distracted. You are great! You are an achiever! Who are you not to be?

Do share with me other dream distractors you think are important and together let’s crash them!

Author: Ganda Life Planner

I believe life is a journey. You need to enjoy it and also do it well. I love to plan and later tick off what I have achieved. There are so many things we need to do in life; in our family, work place and neughbourhood. The Ganda Life Planner is my personal story of what has worked for me in all aspects of my life. I will be sharing with you my story and planning tools that you can borrow to help you achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. Hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Dream distractions…what’s holding you back?”

  1. Laziness also contributes to this, and also when one has little kids, its hard to get time to plan. Possibly at nite when they are sleeping.then you are already tired. Having a goos support network could help.


  2. Thanks Di. Great information for reflection. Yes a great support network if well utilised would be helpful BUT you must know what you want from the network. Still points at ‘YOU’ first. The distractor I want to mention is trying to reinvent the wheel and failing to consult the network or people who have done it before. The struggle and ignorance that comes with starting from scratch builds fear and creates the fear cycle you mentioned earlier.


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