African Tuku Tuku

Growing up as a child I had a lovely dark tan. Different from many around me. Interesting day for me was once on a plane I sat next to a gentleman who obviously had not seen too many Africans. After starring at me for a while he exclaimed in a strong American accent, “What lovely skin you have, it’s like chocolate!!!”. That was the funniest description I had ever heard and it forever made me laugh and smile about how God had made me with such a lovely colour just like my favourite KitKat chocolate which up to date is the best thing I have ever tasted.

Fast forward…my 7 year old recently asked me why she is dark brown and her friends are light brown or yellow. I told her that God made us chocolate and if anyone asks she should tell them that. To my amazement a few days later she came and confidently told me that she is no longer telling her friends she is chocolate because they want to eat her. She has now found a solution of her own. “Mummy, I am coffee not chocolate”.

Here’s to my lovely coffee or chocolate coloured sisters. Be beautiful and confident in your own skin. I have never seen anything more unique than our lovely colour. We must be Africans ‘tuku tuku’ as the Baganda would say. To mean we are the original Africans.

To all parents with dark, light, short, tall, thin, fat or just unique children always build their confidence and let them know they are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image.

Have a blessed week and enjoy all the lovely chocolate and coffee around you!

Power Groups

Getting together with a small group of like minded people is the first step to moving forward with the goals you have in whatever area of your life. My Sunday started with a meet up with a small group of church planters and later an evening with my small investment group.

From my interaction with both diverse groups I realised we never have time but people make time for what’s important, people make time for what builds them personally, financially, spiritually or even emotionally. People want to build themselves but also want a an opportunity to give back to society.

We are all such a diverse group of people, with different temperaments, backgrounds and social network’s. There is so much to learn from a diverse group of people. Those who are loud and speak with confidence openly share their knowledge. Then there is the quiet person who says just one word but it’s actually the thing you had all missed. The person who analyses the risk and areas you need to be cautious on and then the one who tells the group to move in faith.

Glad to have my circles of influence from whom I have achieved a lot, grown and also made use of my God given gifts.

And yes I confirmed that when people gather around food, are open and honest there is more to gain from each other. However if the group hasn’t yet bonded in a vulnerable sort of way progress will be slow.

Looking forward to sharing with you more on the dynamics of groups as I meet my other interest groups this week. We always set targets, now lets see how we do as a group in the next few months. So far progress is steady if thats worth celebrating.

Which groups, associations or circles do you belong to? Share and let me know how effective they are in helping you achieve your goals.

Learn by Reading

I want to spend a minute today to talk about two books. The first book I read is Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley Chrystal. The second book is called Good to Great by Jim Collins.

What did I learn from these books. Good to Great talks about companies that are good but they’re not great. In order for them to be great they need to do a number of things. There are some principles. The company should a level 5 leader. What does this mean? A level 5 leader is one of those leaders who is passionate about the organization. A level 5 leader aims at growing the organization. They mentor and have great humility.

The book also talks about for a company to move from being just a good company to a great company, you need to make sure that you have the right leaders in place so it’s emphasizes the need to find the right people to let the wrong people go. For me that was an exciting bit that the author wrote. The Author encourages us be consistent at what you do. Don’t keep jumping from one thing to another. Understand your product and grow naturally.

Then I also read the book Team of Teams. What you know today may not necessarily be relevant tomorrow. Times are changing and these are the days of technology and innovation. So the author says even though we make plans we must be able to be adaptable in case there are any changes. What I liked about the book is the author gave us other key strategies to use as leader in a company and these are work with teams, empower people, give them information so they feel part of the organization amongst others.

So from reading these two books what am I going to do in the way I live my life. I’m going to do a couple of things.

I will be a leader that mentors. I will be a leader that encourages others. A leader that empowers the team. A leader that imparts knowledge to the team. I will continue to plan but I must be able to adapt to changes. I will innovate work with innovators. I will be steady and persistent. So those were my take aways.

What are you takeaways? What are you going to do different? If you haven’t read those two books. I encourage you to read them so as to grow in your leadership and management.

Have a good week. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.