Learn by Reading

I want to spend a minute today to talk about two books. The first book I read is Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley Chrystal. The second book is called Good to Great by Jim Collins.

What did I learn from these books. Good to Great talks about companies that are good but they’re not great. In order for them to be great they need to do a number of things. There are some principles. The company should a level 5 leader. What does this mean? A level 5 leader is one of those leaders who is passionate about the organization. A level 5 leader aims at growing the organization. They mentor and have great humility.

The book also talks about for a company to move from being just a good company to a great company, you need to make sure that you have the right leaders in place so it’s emphasizes the need to find the right people to let the wrong people go. For me that was an exciting bit that the author wrote. The Author encourages us be consistent at what you do. Don’t keep jumping from one thing to another. Understand your product and grow naturally.

Then I also read the book Team of Teams. What you know today may not necessarily be relevant tomorrow. Times are changing and these are the days of technology and innovation. So the author says even though we make plans we must be able to be adaptable in case there are any changes. What I liked about the book is the author gave us other key strategies to use as leader in a company and these are work with teams, empower people, give them information so they feel part of the organization amongst others.

So from reading these two books what am I going to do in the way I live my life. I’m going to do a couple of things.

I will be a leader that mentors. I will be a leader that encourages others. A leader that empowers the team. A leader that imparts knowledge to the team. I will continue to plan but I must be able to adapt to changes. I will innovate work with innovators. I will be steady and persistent. So those were my take aways.

What are you takeaways? What are you going to do different? If you haven’t read those two books. I encourage you to read them so as to grow in your leadership and management.

Have a good week. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Author: Ganda Life Planner

I believe life is a journey. You need to enjoy it and also do it well. I love to plan and later tick off what I have achieved. There are so many things we need to do in life; in our family, work place and neughbourhood. The Ganda Life Planner is my personal story of what has worked for me in all aspects of my life. I will be sharing with you my story and planning tools that you can borrow to help you achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. Hope you enjoy it.

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