Power Groups

Getting together with a small group of like minded people is the first step to moving forward with the goals you have in whatever area of your life. My Sunday started with a meet up with a small group of church planters and later an evening with my small investment group.

From my interaction with both diverse groups I realised we never have time but people make time for what’s important, people make time for what builds them personally, financially, spiritually or even emotionally. People want to build themselves but also want a an opportunity to give back to society.

We are all such a diverse group of people, with different temperaments, backgrounds and social network’s. There is so much to learn from a diverse group of people. Those who are loud and speak with confidence openly share their knowledge. Then there is the quiet person who says just one word but it’s actually the thing you had all missed. The person who analyses the risk and areas you need to be cautious on and then the one who tells the group to move in faith.

Glad to have my circles of influence from whom I have achieved a lot, grown and also made use of my God given gifts.

And yes I confirmed that when people gather around food, are open and honest there is more to gain from each other. However if the group hasn’t yet bonded in a vulnerable sort of way progress will be slow.

Looking forward to sharing with you more on the dynamics of groups as I meet my other interest groups this week. We always set targets, now lets see how we do as a group in the next few months. So far progress is steady if thats worth celebrating.

Which groups, associations or circles do you belong to? Share and let me know how effective they are in helping you achieve your goals.

Author: Ganda Life Planner

I believe life is a journey. You need to enjoy it and also do it well. I love to plan and later tick off what I have achieved. There are so many things we need to do in life; in our family, work place and neughbourhood. The Ganda Life Planner is my personal story of what has worked for me in all aspects of my life. I will be sharing with you my story and planning tools that you can borrow to help you achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. Hope you enjoy it.

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