African Tuku Tuku

Growing up as a child I had a lovely dark tan. Different from many around me. Interesting day for me was once on a plane I sat next to a gentleman who obviously had not seen too many Africans. After starring at me for a while he exclaimed in a strong American accent, “What lovely skin you have, it’s like chocolate!!!”. That was the funniest description I had ever heard and it forever made me laugh and smile about how God had made me with such a lovely colour just like my favourite KitKat chocolate which up to date is the best thing I have ever tasted.

Fast forward…my 7 year old recently asked me why she is dark brown and her friends are light brown or yellow. I told her that God made us chocolate and if anyone asks she should tell them that. To my amazement a few days later she came and confidently told me that she is no longer telling her friends she is chocolate because they want to eat her. She has now found a solution of her own. “Mummy, I am coffee not chocolate”.

Here’s to my lovely coffee or chocolate coloured sisters. Be beautiful and confident in your own skin. I have never seen anything more unique than our lovely colour. We must be Africans ‘tuku tuku’ as the Baganda would say. To mean we are the original Africans.

To all parents with dark, light, short, tall, thin, fat or just unique children always build their confidence and let them know they are beautifully and wonderfully made in God’s image.

Have a blessed week and enjoy all the lovely chocolate and coffee around you!

Author: Ganda Life Planner

I believe life is a journey. You need to enjoy it and also do it well. I love to plan and later tick off what I have achieved. There are so many things we need to do in life; in our family, work place and neughbourhood. The Ganda Life Planner is my personal story of what has worked for me in all aspects of my life. I will be sharing with you my story and planning tools that you can borrow to help you achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. Hope you enjoy it.

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