Crazy Dreamers Do Achieve

I have always considered myself a crazy dreamer. I am one of these people who has ideas that sometimes people question whether it’s doable or not. Then I double check and join them in their doubt party.

This weekend however I was glad to find a group of crazy people. Who shared what other crazy people had done.

Noah’s instruction to build a big boat in a desert! He was a laughing stock.

Like Moses, to lead the children to cross a big mass of water! Hello…ask me to walk into Lake Victoria.

David to take on a massive giant Golaith! Seems he didn’t know how small he was.

Little Mary to be the one to carry Jesus! Who is going to believe her kaboozi of a pregnant virgin?

Is that crazy or what? God picks the least likely and walks with them to achieve great things. Only so He will shock the world.

So when God gives you a task and it’s seems impossible and almost crazy, dont hold back.

People may call you crazy but if our dreams, passions and ideas are God’s plan and He is walking with you, then you might just see all those crazy ideas come to pass.

Looking forward for continuing this discussion(Crazy like that) this Sunday.

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