Feeeling Stressed? Why? #nopressure

Never had I read the story of the Garden of Gethsemane as I heard it on Sunday.
First of all that day Jesus prayed 3 times in a row. What was up? How bad could it have been? He asked God to take away his suffering, if He willed. He felt overwhelmed (pressure).
Then I thought Jesus always walked with the 12 disciples but this time he chose 3 to escort him to prayer. Although these 3 kept dozing off at least they were there. But even then,
God sent him an Angel who strengthened him.
So what was my take away? Have a place to pray and pray! Have your tight peeps to be there as you pursue your purpose. However most importantly God is there and he will strengthen you…even send an Angel. Don’t be stressed. Gods got this. No pressure.
Read the verses and tell me… Matthew 26: 36-46, Luke 22: 39-46.

Have a great week peeps. #nopressure#myvivechurch.