Power Groups

Getting together with a small group of like minded people is the first step to moving forward with the goals you have in whatever area of your life. My Sunday started with a meet up with a small group of church planters and later an evening with my small investment group.

From my interaction with both diverse groups I realised we never have time but people make time for what’s important, people make time for what builds them personally, financially, spiritually or even emotionally. People want to build themselves but also want a an opportunity to give back to society.

We are all such a diverse group of people, with different temperaments, backgrounds and social network’s. There is so much to learn from a diverse group of people. Those who are loud and speak with confidence openly share their knowledge. Then there is the quiet person who says just one word but it’s actually the thing you had all missed. The person who analyses the risk and areas you need to be cautious on and then the one who tells the group to move in faith.

Glad to have my circles of influence from whom I have achieved a lot, grown and also made use of my God given gifts.

And yes I confirmed that when people gather around food, are open and honest there is more to gain from each other. However if the group hasn’t yet bonded in a vulnerable sort of way progress will be slow.

Looking forward to sharing with you more on the dynamics of groups as I meet my other interest groups this week. We always set targets, now lets see how we do as a group in the next few months. So far progress is steady if thats worth celebrating.

Which groups, associations or circles do you belong to? Share and let me know how effective they are in helping you achieve your goals.

Learn by Reading

I want to spend a minute today to talk about two books. The first book I read is Team of Teams by Gen. Stanley Chrystal. The second book is called Good to Great by Jim Collins.

What did I learn from these books. Good to Great talks about companies that are good but they’re not great. In order for them to be great they need to do a number of things. There are some principles. The company should a level 5 leader. What does this mean? A level 5 leader is one of those leaders who is passionate about the organization. A level 5 leader aims at growing the organization. They mentor and have great humility.

The book also talks about for a company to move from being just a good company to a great company, you need to make sure that you have the right leaders in place so it’s emphasizes the need to find the right people to let the wrong people go. For me that was an exciting bit that the author wrote. The Author encourages us be consistent at what you do. Don’t keep jumping from one thing to another. Understand your product and grow naturally.

Then I also read the book Team of Teams. What you know today may not necessarily be relevant tomorrow. Times are changing and these are the days of technology and innovation. So the author says even though we make plans we must be able to be adaptable in case there are any changes. What I liked about the book is the author gave us other key strategies to use as leader in a company and these are work with teams, empower people, give them information so they feel part of the organization amongst others.

So from reading these two books what am I going to do in the way I live my life. I’m going to do a couple of things.

I will be a leader that mentors. I will be a leader that encourages others. A leader that empowers the team. A leader that imparts knowledge to the team. I will continue to plan but I must be able to adapt to changes. I will innovate work with innovators. I will be steady and persistent. So those were my take aways.

What are you takeaways? What are you going to do different? If you haven’t read those two books. I encourage you to read them so as to grow in your leadership and management.

Have a good week. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

The Lion King…More Than Just The Movie.

In my view parenting in the 21st century has changed and its less about the authoritarian style of leadership and more about collaboration and cooperation. The family is a team and as one of the team leaders the more I understand them and get them to understand us (parents) and our vision, the better. The visit to the cinema this weekend with four of my children surprisingly proved to be an excellent team building event.

Lesson one – Democracy – Let the children debate and conclude, don’t always tell them what to do. The process of selecting the movie was first of all a debate between us. Who should watch it and whether it’s age appropriate for all the children given that it is rated PG13.  The next debate was who sits where. Since there were no free seats where all five of us could all sit together we had to sit in pairs and one alone. It was interesting to see how the children self select which sibling they sit with. Interesting dynamics.

Lesson two – Quality Time. Normally since a movie is on average 2 hours I use the kids time in the cinema to set up parallel meetings or to do errands given my busy mother wife schedule. This time around I decided to sit in the cinema for the two hours.

Children appreciate that you are busy but they need your time too. They enjoyed my company in the cinema even when I thought I would rather spend the two hour trying to ‘make ends meet’ or look for money as we commonly say.

Lesson three – Rest is important. For these two hours I shut out the busy world and entered the beautiful scenery of Lion King. It was not only refreshing but also made me appreciate even more the beauty in Africa and our animals, and how much more we should be doing in the tourism sector in Uganda. Those hours to rest and disappear in the lion kingdom gave me an energy boost which as mothers God knows we need.

Lesson four – Generations need to find common ground. Lion King stimulated so much discussion. At the end of the movie from the 7 year old, 10 year old and the teenagers we were singing our favourite songs, discussing the characters, discussing the animals and where we think the scenes were shot from. They all want to see the Wilder beast migration so I guess Serengeti is on our bucket list. They were excited as well to know that there was a Ugandan actress. Now I have people dreaming about Hollywood.

It was a good movie and a weekend well spent. The team is now energized and motivated for all the tasks that lie ahead this week.

I won’t spoil your excitement by telling you about the movie, just encourage you to watch it with family and take time to rest, recuperate and enjoy each others company.

How are you doing so far?

Reflection time…12th July represents 10 days into the second half of the year.Yes, 2nd July was the middle of 2019. Time for an audit…in all aspects of my life. Somethings done. Some things undone. How am I doing? What were my goals anyway? How are you doing?
We thank God for how far He has brought us in 2019. A lot to be grateful for. A lot of unanswered questions but let’s hold on to Prov. 3: 5-7 #newyearresolutions#goalsetting#midtermreview.

Women supporting women

We all need encouragement as we go through life’s opportunities and challenges. We all need someone to guide us and tell us that we can make it. We need women who have walked the path where we want to go. This was the begining of Phenomenal Women’s Conferences.

In September 2018. One lady had a vision to support women particularly minorities and women of colour in their walk in life. This gave birth to Phenomenal Women Geneva and later to Uganda and Boston chapters. The call in these conferences is for women to step out an discover our great purpose in life and to act on their purpose. It also calls for women to in turn make impact in our society by giving back to others in any way possible, whether financially or physical presence.

These conferences bring together women from all professionals and countries to support, share and encourage one another in the areas of mental health, real estate and investment, human rights and governance, business, family, faith amongst other topics.

A number of conferences have now been held and continue to be held around the globe, bringing women together to support each other so we are strengthened and refreshed to then go and carry out our bigger mission.

Phenomenal Women Global, Geneva, Boston and Uganda will also run a mentoring programme and scholarship fund to support the youth, particularly young women.

To be a part of this global movement or get more information please contact us facebook pages on gandalifeplanner or phenomenalwomenuganda or visit the website phenomenalwomenglobal.com

Making the Right Connections

You do not need to be a genius or super religious to recognize when you have met someone who fits exactly into your puzzle. When you meet someone who you needed to meet right now. Someone who speaks to your need or situation. Its as if they read your mind or someone told them to come and talk to you. Yes, I know it may sound crazy especially if you don’t believe in crazy. Well that is what has happened to me this past week.

I have a passion or pain for encouraging, empowering and sponsoring young people, the youth. This has been on my mind for a couple of years now and this year I was determined to find clarity on whether I should respond to my passion. I decided to attend a conference knowing that by the end of the conference I will get clarity on my purpose and what I should be doing. I was totally open minded and hoping for new ideas.

I expected to hear something new or to come up with a grand plan. However, that is not what I got. Instead I felt my heart even more passionate about my original idea. On day two of the conference I asked God for one thing, “if you want me to do this thing, bring me people who will contribute to the vision”.

Huh! Oh my oh my! Be very careful what you pray for. I felt like the heavens opened up and for the next few days all the people I met fit exactly into my plan. They fit exactly into the purpose God had out on my heart. I didn’t go out of my way to meet anyone, they came to me.

Let me explain how. I sat at a table, didn’t greet my neighbor, she greeted me and told me how she was passionate about youth and was writing a book for high school leavers, we exchanged cards. I then walked to the bathroom with a girl who was also walking there, she told me she was passionate about social, emotional and mental wellbeing for young people. Then when I went to get a cup of tea, I met a lady who said she started an organization employing talented youth. We exchanged contacts. You need to understand that this was all in the space of three hours. All I did was sat on a table, go to the bathroom then pick a cup of tea. God brought people to me as if to say, ‘hear me loud and clear. This is your purpose’. You have to understand by the time I met the third person I was in tears. She was wondering why I cried when she shared with me what she does. I just told her you are working in an area I am interested in and this is a divine connection.

The next day I traveled on a flight and happened to meet a lady I haven’t seen in over fifteen years. I remembered her and called her by name. Surprised I remembered. She has been researching for aviation schools for her son and part time teaches youth and women vocational skills.  I have been looking at possible aviation schools for a boy I would like to find sponsorship for. She gave me so much information on that. I can go on about the people I met that day but just know that as we speak everyone I have met this week fits into my puzzle. It is so overwhelming.

My lesson is that if God gives you an assignment, do not hesitate. It is true, you’re the one we have been waiting for. When God asks, “whom shall I send?” respond, “Send me” because God will prepare the way for you. He will send people to you and the minute they open their mouth to speak, you will know that it is a divine connection.   

Have a good week. May you walk in your purpose and know that everything has already been prepared for you.


Divine connections are those associations or relationships that God has pre-ordained for us.   They are priceless because God uses these relationships to direct us to our destiny and bring increase to us – Deborah Arise.

An African Dreamer

Blessed to Be A Blessing

As I was preparing to send my children back to school last month, I cleared their school fees and observed that the supermarkets were full of parents pushing trolleys with their children. We were filling up our trolleys with all kinds of stuff from basic soap and shoe polish to cornflakes and milk that many very privileged children carry to school.

Today however I write from a point of pain. Whereas many of our children have the privilege of having their fees paid and school requirements bought, there are those that wish they could go to school. There are those who just sit on the sidelines and watch others study while they wish they could even just even go for one term. They imagine that education will sort all their problems and give them access to a better life.

In March last year I had an opportunity to visit a rural school in the Northern part of Uganda. I met the student leadership. Head boy, Head girl and their cabinet of prefects. I was impressed by their confidence and enthusiasm. We discussed their school life, home life and their ambitions. Most of these students came from very under privileged families. In fact, when I later spoke to the Headmaster he confessed that most of the student leaders were brilliant children who managed to woe their peers to elect them but unfortunately many hadn’t paid their fees and the school would only retain them until exam time. Once the exams ae near all students who haven’t paid fees are sent away.

Adam comes from a family of 8 children. He is the oldest child. His grandmother sent him to school hoping he will be able to help his siblings. He said his mother died and he wasn’t sure where his father is. He hopes to become a pilot and mentioned he had researched the schools available. Rose, a tall brilliant girl on the other had was going to sit her final exams and hopes to become a lawyer so she can prove that girls from her clan can be successful. These are the stories of just a few of the students I met. They were so many more. We had a fun afternoon sharing stories both good and bad and it ended with me giving them advice for them to read hard a pursue their dreams.

Unfortunately, that is the story for many Ugandan children who are enthusiastic to go to school and hope that the education will help them achieve their dreams.  For every 100 children that start primary school most will never join a tertiary institution. They drop out along the way and many times it is because their families cannot afford to pay for their education.

You are so blessed. The onus is on us, who are blessed to ensure we are a blessing to others. Sponsor a child, bless a family and give back to your society. If you are reading this, you are among the lucky few and even ten dollars from you can change the future of a child. Ten dollars from you can make their dream a reality and take them out of extreme poverty.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a student leader and helping them pursue their dreams, or mentoring or employing a youth, please connect with us and join us in this move to give opportunities to gifted, bright, talented but underprivileged students. These children will change the face of Africa and should be given the opportunity to. You are blessed to be a blessing – support an African dreamer!